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John O. Johnson

Co-Founder & Managing Director

The Spartan Group has worked in many sectors of the business service industry.  In one sector, parking management and technology, we believe we are the leading investment bank advising such companies in the United States.   Business services is a very complex and fragmented industry, with technology, rising regulatory costs and other industry trends driving consolidation.  The Spartan Group has advised on corporate sales to both strategic and financial buyers, buy-side transactions, and financings to facilitate acquisitions and recapitalizations.

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Prior to joining The Spartan Group, our bankers worked on many notable transactions such as these:

Client nameService
Advanced Marketing Services Inc. (NYSE:MKT)Strategic Advisory
McGrath Rentcorp (NASDAQ:MGRC)Growth Capital
Mobile Storage Group Inc.Recapitalization by Windward Capital Partners
Norrell CorporationStrategic Advisory
O’Connor & Company Securities Sale to Southwest Securities
Pac-Van Inc.Sale to Mobile Office Acquisition Corp.
RCM Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:RCMT)Growth Capital
Rockefeller Group Inc.Sale to Mitsubishi Estate Company
Thane International Inc.Growth Capital